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We are stoked to once again be able to share our favourite beans with you guys :) 

Our second blend is a combination of beans from Brazil, Ethiopia & Rwanda! Together they combine for a flavour profile that is peachy, chocolaty and finishing with a bit of spice. They are at a medium roast & great for however you like to brew your coffee: whether you drink espresso like us, a classic drip, or something like AeroPress! 

These beans are no longer limited to a single day drop: meaning that you can buy as many as you want whenever you want & even sign up for a subscription to get recurring bags of beans sent out to you! We plan on rotating our beans every 2 months to keep it interesting. 

This is once again a collaboration with White Bridge Coffee Co., a small independent roaster based in Madison.

We appreciate all your support :) 

note: international shipping is unfortunately not available for subscriptions however it is available for the one-time purchases!