Millrose Games Preview, Ben Flanagan to On Running & VNTC!, Indoors Vs Outdoors...


still here in sunny florida. today was a bit of a wild one with lots of great stuff to talk about. we spent a large portion of the episode previewing the upcoming Millrose Games, which both George & Ollie will be competing in (be sure to wish them luck!). Ben Flanagan joins us partway through the show, so we also do a bit of a dive on what's going on for him with his recent changes. in this episode we had a to battle the elements, so apologies for the cuts due to that. we had that in the very least it makes for entertaining viewing. check out Ben on Instagram here! hope you guys enjoy! Insta: Morgan: Ollie: George: SPOTIFY: APPLE: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: OTY7P5I5IK1TCLNQ

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